A little while ago, I started getting emails from the Bernie Sanders campaign. As I do not share Bernie’s ideas about What is Best for Everyone, I assumed I had been added to their mailing list by some prankster, and immediately attempted to unsubscribe. I wrote the following brief note in response to their query as to why I was unsubscribing:


I do not share your love of state violence as a solution for problems caused by state violence.


Bretigne Shaffer


I thought that would be the end of it. But the very next day, there was another email waiting for me from Bernie. I hit “unsubscribe” once again and left a similar note. All to no avail. So on September 7th, I wrote Bernie the following note, in my third attempt to unsubscribe:


Again, I do not share your love for more state violence as a response to problems caused by state violence. I am also less-than-impressed with your team’s ability to perform pretty basic functions like unsubscribing people from your mailing list (this is now my third attempt). If you keep sending me your economically illiterate rantings, I might have to start sending you some of MY campaign information.



Here is my response to the next message from Team Bernie, along with my fourth unsubscribe attempt:


Hi Team Bernie,

This is now my fourth attempt to unsubscribe from your email list. Don’t worry, I’m not upset – I’m actually a little touched. In my last message to you, I promised some of my own campaign material if you didn’t stop sending me emails, and I’m taking your continued barrage as a sign that you are interested. Thanks! Through your actions, you’ve shown more interested in my political views than most of my friends on FaceBook and Twitter. So really – thanks!

So let’s start with your claim that what Bernie is up to is “revolution.” Please. There’s nothing revolutionary about calling for more government control over our lives, more taxation, more regulation. We’ve already got plenty of that and we’re hurting badly from it. Since you’ve (essentially) asked, here are my views on what a REAL revolution would look like:


Looking forward to our continued discussions (oh and yes, again, please unsubscribe me), I remain,

Bretigne Shaffer


I have to say that I’m going to be a little disappointed if Bernie & Co. actually do unsubscribe me at this point. I’ve got so much more to tell them. So… stay tuned. I’ll be posting any updates here.